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We deliver solutions to marketers and publishers.
We make your publishing easy, lean and future proofed.


Store your assets. That´s the foundation!

Who are our most common customers?

We see that larger companies with a lot of publishing through several channels tends to sign us up quite often. But we gladly work with you all!


Today everyone is a publisher. Why     don´t act as one. We help you to discover new possibilities and becoming your advisor regarding how to set up lean and easy publishing processes making you maximize your return of investment. Whether if it´s a question of internal or external communication such as content publishing, sales presentations, technical documents, sales enablers etc.


We understand the new realities of publishing and how to support the creation process that has become ever more complex. We help you to organize and create processes for efficient production. Whether if it´s a question of managing localization of marcom materials, customized communication or instant updates in all channels and on different devices.


One of the biggest challenges for todays and tomorrows publishers are how to meet the demands from readers in terms of engaging digital products. This industry is also struggling with financial problems so they need to find solutions where the production is optimized. We have a long and solid experience from setting up efficient and automated workflows to facilitate advanced and complex production. Both for print publishing as well as for multi-channel publishing.

Why do companies invest in our knowledge and skills?


They are looking for guidance how to optimize their workflow for multi-channel publishing.


They are looking for a solution how they can create modern marcom/publishing workflows. They need help with organizing their content/information and optimize workflows for automatic updates in all channels. Print, Web, Mobile, Social …


They need to organize their content in a way that makes it accessible for different roles, support different language versions and sets a foundation for multi-channel publishing?


They are looking for knowledgeable project managers and experienced consultants, developers and trainers that understand the problem and can  develop and implement a solution.


They handle tons of languages and their workflows for doing it today are extremely cumbersome? They need help with ideas, knowledge, processes and tools!

Multi-Channel Publishing

The organisations and customers are pushing for new channels on new devices? They need help with creating sites, apps and optimization of existing print workflows.

Maximize your inRiver PIM

We have many years of experience of inRiver PIM. The work together with a number of customers have lead to our new solution, CtrlCreate.

CtrlCreate enable efficient multi-channel publishing – print, webb, mobil, apps. Setup campaign and marketing rules for all channels. Automate publishing and get control over your production.

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Is your problem content, languages, channels, cost or time?

Let us investigate how to optimize your publishing processes!

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This is what we have accomplished so far.

Just to give you an idea of what we are doing at CtrlPublishing.

words automated

InDesign Server integrations

customers in Sweden

saved hours for marketers

Interested in using mobiles for sales enablement, catalogs or training?

Why don´t invest in a pilot to see the possibilities?

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Marketing Communications

Deliver your annual report, brochures, brand and retail materials, or other customer-facing content through a mobile experience that impacts business results.

Sales Tools

Provide sales representatives with access to your latest presentations, price lists, product information and proposals — wherever they happen to be.


Digital catalog publishing brings your products to life. You can create a custom catalog with 360-degree rotations, slideshows and interactivity to give customers everything they need to click “buy”.


Maximize revenue, grow your digital readership and measure engagement, all while building on the publishing processes you already have. Explore new possibilities and create more frequent contact with readers while lowering print and distribution costs.

With Censhare you can create workflows for efficient marketing & publishing!

Censhare is the integrated solution for content marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel marketing. Call us for more info!


Lean & Easy Publishing. You Create. We Ctrl.

We deliver solutions to marketers and publishers. We make your publishing easy, lean and future proofed.