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CtrlPublishing will help you get more out of Censhare. We can, with our unique knowledge of the creative processes and how content is best handled, help you get the most benefit from Censhare.

CtrlPublishing is a business partner to Censhare and resells and integrates Censhare Digital Asset Management solution.

Digital Publishing Suite

CtrlPublishing is a Adobe DPS solution provider and reseller, we provide you with everything you need to go Digital.

Adobe InDesign Server

We are Adobe InDesign Server solution provider, we provide the software and integration services for InDesign Server.

Adobe Content Server

CtrlPublishing is a Adobe Content Server reseller, we provide you with software and services.

About us

CtrlPublishing are experts in efficient workflows for publishing. We deliver workflows and solutions, optimized to minimize bottlenecks and costs.

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