Analysis & Prestudies

The foundation of our joint work is done in the prestudy.


Refining and streamlining your workflow is the single most effective way to get to “create once, publish anywhere”. CtrlPublishing experts will help you analyze and document your current system, then work with your team to develop lean and extensible workflows and best practices that can help you grow.

Interactive Analys sessions will help us to fully understand your unique way of doing business so we can confidently recommend the best technologies and processes for your organization.

Following our Analys sessions, we document our findings and deliver details for product recommendation, process improvement, technical solution, and a plan of action to help you achieve maximum ROI.


When you buy a solution from CtrlPublishing, you’re not just getting what’s in the box. Our experienced tech team analyzes your goals and current setup to make sure you end up with the best tools for what you want to do. Whether the focus is on emerging technologies, established software or custom development to leverage the two, we help organizations maximize their investment. The foundation of our joint work is done in the prestudy.

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