We help you to organize and create processes for efficient production.

Content & Asset Management

Be ready for all channels and devices. We help you to organize the creation and production of all content for all kinds of media, devices and target groups. Content Management ensures the creation and classification of content all the way through to layouts, templates, pages, navigation or publication structures.

Content Management allows efficient and flexible content first solutions for fully integrated customer experiences and touch points. A part of the work is to promote effective teamwork collaboration of internal and external teams, individual departments as well as entire corporate structures.

It has become increasingly popular to store digital resources in one place and to reuse them in multiple channels. CtrlPublishing works with many Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM), from web-based image banks to more complex systems.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is almost always about the storage of resources such as images, for us it’s about making these available in production flows in a simple way.


Brand Management

You work hard to get your brand communication out into the world. At the same time, you want it to speak in one voice and show a familiar face all presented with consistency and integrity.

Brand management solutions help you achieve your objectives. They enable you to centralize the administration of your brand communication data while still making it available to colleagues, clients, and partners around the world.


Product Information Management

Product information is for many a challenge. Text and images should be handled in several different channels, with version control and structured so that it becomes foreseeable. CtrlPublishing collaborate with several suppliers of Product Information Management Systems.
On top of solutions as InRiver PIM and Censhare with create tools, as CtrlCreate, that extends the functionality in the area of collaboration, campaign and publishing.



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