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censhare provides solutions for effective marketing communication, such as marketing, publishing, financial information and newspaper publishing. Censhare includes DAM, PIM, CMS and MRM functionality. Also the tools to create, manage and publish content. An intelligent communication platform for the new marketing world. censhare is for marketers. Read more

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inRiver is a market leader of Product Information Management (PIM) software. inRiver give omni-channel commerce professionals the power to create, maintain and distribute perfect product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages.

Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions

CtrlPublishing is a Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Solution Partner, providing professional services to our customers. We help you to create customized user experience and make use of all features in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Read more

Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions    Mobile

Ctrl Create

Ctrl Create contains several modules to enhance your experience working with marketing creation and publishing. Ctrl Create is developed by CtrlPublishing. Ctrl Create contains an connector to inRiver PIM and extends inRiver PIM platform with campaign planning, marketing resource management, automated workflows and technical documentation features. It also connects mobile distribution channels as Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions.

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CIDAS - Ctrl InDesign Application Server

Ctrl InDesign Application Server (CIDAS) is a workflow engine developed by CtrlPublishing. It includes features as: multiple workflows, load balancing between Adobe InDesign Server instances and serves, prioritized queuing. CIDAS is a key component to put Adobe InDesign Server in the backend of a solution. Easy to integrate with multiple interface possibilities.

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Adobe InDesign Server

Marketing communication today is driven by technology and automation is a key to low production costs, time to market and personalization. CtrlPublishing have a team of Adobe InDesign Server professionals delivering integration, development and training. CtrlPublishing is also reseller of Adobe InDesign Server subscriptions.

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Digital brand management solution like iBrams simplifies your marketing processes, reduces your campaign costs and ensures a consistent global brand identity. iBrams provides a brand management platform for all your employees. Let the employees easy create, translate and distribute from templates. Automated template adoptions for multiple channels or targets.

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DIPS - Digital Publishing Solution

Ctrl Digital Publishing Solutions (DIPS) is a platform to support the Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions with extended functionality. DIPS contains features like: Categorizing and tagging, Custom storefront, App links in custom storefront, Entitlement, private and public share, subscriptions and user management.

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C3 connects Adobe InDesign to the world of content. C3 is a extension to Adobe InDesign, developed by CtrlPublishing. Using C3 user are able to place text, images, products, stories or other type of content into an document in Adobe InDesign. The plugin can views structured information and have an inbuilt configurable rule set to transform information on insert. C3 is built to be easy to use and implement to existing data sources as CMS, PIM or databases. C3 contains connectors to XML and REST API interface.

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Adobe Content Server

Adobe Content Server is a robust server solution for digitally protecting PDF and EPUB eBooks.

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