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An all-new product that allows marketers and designers to create and publish engaging mobile app experiences.

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We focus on – Sales Enablement, Employee Communication and Corporate Training.
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Sales Enablement

Give your sales teams a way to tell your story in a more engaging, interactive way and customers will listen. Enable your marketing team to update content themselves and be more responsive to sales. Free your creatives to develop amazing apps that immerse customers in your story. You can do all that and more with Mobile Apps. And when you do, you’ll see a genuine impact on sales.

A Sales Enablement platform can help you with:

  • Drive sales engagement with modern selling tools and high-impact mobile content
  • Distribute mobile sales materials based on sales roles or profile
  • Respond to sales needs more quickly and more cost efficient
  • Measure effectiveness of sales materials and correlate to sales performance

WhitePaper: Sales Enablement

Employee Communication

Employee Communication Apps has helped companies break through the “noise” of hundreds of emails, surveys, and newsletters and engage employees with dynamic and engaging content. We see that mobile apps can increase employee engagement in three key areas: current employees, new hires, and future employees.

Current Employees – An easily accessible mobile app can help unify messaging across the organization, which can help drive a sense of culture and involvement.

New Hires – Apps can streamline the process and deliver a better first impression to new hires by providing a centralized experience that makes it easy to find and process.

Future Employees – Tablet-equipped recruiters can bring engaging app-based presentations on the road to more deeply engage with prospective employees.

Whitepaper: Employee Communication

Censhare Content Marketing
Censhare Content Marketing

Corporate Traning

Over the past year, we’ve seen many large organizations recognize the tremendous upside of migrating from paper-based or web-based training to engaging and always-up-to-date apps built with DPS. These apps are meeting three very important needs:

Internal Training: Companies are delivering dynamic, interactive, up-to-date information to employees out in the field or in retail stores across large geographic regions, replacing paper-based manuals or guidebooks that quickly become outdated.

External Training: Organizations are using apps to help customers learn how to use a product or service, increasing engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Courseware: Traditional textbooks can be replaced by apps that include immersive, interactive content such as video, maps, polls and tools. Most companies are still pouring their dollars into web-based and paper-based training. This investment presents numerous downsides including:

  • High costs to print and ship content that is out of date by the time it arrives
  • A linear consumption experience that lacks interactivity and compelling design affecting how well the end user engages with and retains the information
  • The need to be tethered to a laptop and continuously connected to the internet

Whitepaper: Apps push corporate training

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An introduction video that showcases the possibilities of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.
With an increasing focus on delivering marketing campaigns leveraging a variety of digital vehicles, the company was challenged with finding engaging ways to train and enable employees and partners to communicate in this new landscape.
In 2014, REI created its first Floor Set Guide training app using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to help sales associates set up visual displays, promote the right merchandise, and serve customers better.

Adobe. DPS. Modern App Experience.

New management tools and updated services improve administration and production tasks..
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Articles - Work and play well with others.

The article content can be exported from an InDesign source document, or it can be reflowable HTML. You can mix fixed-layout articles of different sizes and reflowable HTML content in your app. Several tools as Adobe AEM, WordPress and Drupal have support for creating directly content to Adobe DPS.

Collections - Keep it fresh and relevant.

A collection consists of content elements—articles, ads, banners, videos, or other collections. For example, a collection can be a monthly issue of a magazine, a set of articles by a certain author, or a group of “best of ” articles from various collections. The collection is presented in a grid layout that you customize. A grid layout consists of cards. Each card represents content, such as an article or another collection. Mapping rules determine which content is mapped to cards.

Censhare Content Marketing
Censhare Content Marketing

Grids and Cards - Create high-impact content.

Use the tools you know and love in Adobe Creative Cloud to create a pixel-perfect app experience or HTML files for responsive layouts — all without the help of developers.

Set your ideas in motion with engaging slide shows, audio, video, scrolling, 360-degree rotation, pan and zoom, hyperlinks and HTML5 animation.

With Grids and Cards you now also have finer control of app layouts and can create completely customized and intuitive brand experiences for all your audiences.

Analytics - Easily gain insights.

Learn from readers’ behavior, whether they are online or offline. Retention analyses, marketing funnel conversion rates and tracking of app traffic are all at your fingertips.

Built-in analytics automatically show what’s working and what’s not, so you can refine content and get insight into ROI.

Adobe Analytics
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Roles - Make it a team effort.

Allow team members and agencies to contribute content. Then easily search and sort, so you can control how and when it’s published.

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